Mobile Security more critical than ever

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PGP Encryption Provides Secure Email, Protection from Covert Data Mining:

Mobile Security More Critical Than Ever – PGP Encryption Provides Secure Email, Protection from Covert Data Mining: PRISM Program Confirmed – NSA & GCHQ are monitoring private email in the U.K. Get unlimited secure BlackBerry messaging and data protection with true end-to-end PGP encryption from

London (PRWEB UK) 11 June 2013 — The secret surveillance of billions of private emails and communications by the NSA and GCHQ intelligence agencies has now been confirmed. Mobile security for users in the U.K and Europe has been completely compromised for years as a result of the U.S. government PRISM program which taps the central servers of 9 of the world’s largest internet companies including
Microsoft, Apple and Google. This is in addition to an already dangerous level of criminal diversion of private data for purposes of identity theft and corporate espionage. The protection of private and confidential information is more critical than ever especially for mobile devices. offers a citizens’ solution to this massive invasion of privacy – absolutely secure and unlimited international BlackBerry email service with true end-to-end military grade PGP encryption. Fully anonymous mobile data protection is available and affordable. Prevent government and criminal interception of vital confidential data with secure mobile AES 256 bit encryption technology.

Increased reliance on mobile technology has further exposed individuals and organizations to greater risk and damages associated with compromised email communications. Fortunately, Encrypted Mobile has launched a fully anonymous, military grade PGP encryption solution for BlackBerry smartphones in the U.K and Europe, providing ultimate protection and security for business and personal email messages over a highly reliable exchange server network located in Canada. With fully customized BlackBerry encryption solutions, Encrypted Mobile tailors its prepaid encryption packages to meet the business needs of resellers and companies of any

“Data security is imperative in business, but until recently it has not been accessible, reliable or cost effective for smartphones – that has all changed with mobile PGP encryption,” says David MacKay, V.P. of Business Development for Encrypted Mobile. In addition to deploying the latest AES 256 Bit PGP cryptographic software to ensure data protection for BlackBerry devices, Encrypted Mobile also offers flexible account options including client generated PGP keys and customizable IT policies. Unlike the major software companies who supply pre-packaged encryption kits, Encrypted Mobile’s custom encryption plans can be created and supported based on the specific business needs of the client to assist them in communicating securely and more profitably. “Allowing clients to generate their own PGP keys is paramount to ensuring their private information stays secure,” adds MacKay. “But the reliability of our network and our personal customer service and support is what sets us apart from other providers.” Encrypted Mobile offers flexible pre-paid plans for resellers and companies that include unlimited international e-mails, free activation and reactivation in case of device loss or wipe, as well as personalized 24/7 technical support. Authorized resellers are being sought worldwide to offer Encrypted Mobile’s secure and cost effective PGP solution to users in their area. Resellers will be provided with a dedicated account manager and custom IT policy support and training. Flexible pricing and terms are available based on volume. Encrypted Mobile

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Written by: Dave MacKay
V.P. of Business Development for Encrypted Mobile