The Best Cell Phone for Security

The best cell phone for security is still the Blackberry, but if you google “The best cell phone for security” this search will bring you a myriad of software reviews. The reason why you are not seeing a list of phone reviews front and center is because quite frankly unless you own a Blackberry protecting your data is up to you (and even Blackberry has its limitations).

As consumer we’d rather concern ourselves with our phone’s usability, fantastic features and available apps than how well it keeps hackers out and our personal information secure, so it would seem there is very little incentive for manufacturers to create a more secure phone.

Aside from your cell phone password protection there is little built into your mobile device to protect your data. Someone could easily read information stored on applications, sift through emails, read your messages and even listen in on your phone call and intercept messages. In fact in the US and Canada there are situations with which the authorities may be able to tap your phone without a warrant.

Governments have already pressured companies like RIM and Apple to allow reasonable access to users’ data and those are only two highlighted examples; there has been speculation that telcos are also under the gun in some countries. EE a UK provider was identified as offering text data to the police but both sides denied the discussion of a transaction ever occurred. In Germany commercial telecommunications service providers with more than 100,000 users are also required to make an electronic interface available to facilitate access to the telecom user data for law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Facilitation of this information can be provided based on something a benign as a simple traffic offence.

It’s not about fearing the worst. It’s just about simple prudence. We don’t leave the car keys in the car every night so any random stranger can come along and take a joy ride. Your information is for you to used it’s just a matter of keeping your keys in a safe place.